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Mere Bodies or Something More?

AUGUST 22 TO 25, 2018
Reception: Friday, August 24, 5- 8 PM

The Red Head Gallery is pleased to present our summer non-member exhibition, Mere Bodies or Something More? by the Women’s Art Project (WAP) Collective.

Changes in health often lead to questions of life, death and thereafter.

The Women’s Art Project (WAP) Collective takes an introspective look at the human body as a physical and spiritual vessel. Mere bodies or something more? is a multidisciplinary exhibition featuring works in mixed media, assemblage and photography. Through their art the collective shares their understanding in dealing with health changes while contemplating mortality and spirituality.

Zoraida Anaya, Lisa Fox and Michelle Montague are members of Women’s Art Project (WAP) Collective, a Toronto-based, multidisciplinary and diverse group of artists. The artistic intentions of the collective is to make experimental work in a supportive, inspiring and collaborative environment. The manipulation of found objects is a source of inspiration for Zoraida’s assemblage work. She also uses books to make collages. She has exhibited across Canada and the United States. Art residencies are fundamental to enrich her artistic practice. Lisa is a photographer and mixed media artist. She finds inspiration from the camera’s ability to bring her own reinterpretations of time, space, memory and reality to life. Her work has been exhibited in Maine, New York and Toronto. Michelle is a mixed media artist. Her works and style transport the observer from the real world into the realm she creates through her use of organic shapes and lines depicting and entirely different universe. Michelle has exhibited in galleries and public spaces in Toronto and Montreal.

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When Wednesday, August 22, 2018 to Saturday, August 25, 2018

Hours Wednesdays to Saturdays - 12 to 5 PM

Where The Red Head Gallery